090. ISO 100 dan Nexus 4!

Setelah menghabiskan beberapa waktu dan menemukan bahwa ISO dari kamera HP saya amat membuat para fotografer frustasi. Suatu Pagi , Sayapun iseng memotret anak kucing yang sudah dilepas induknya untuk hidup mandiri dan berkeliaran di kecamatan Coblong.

Akhirnya bisa juga ISO 100! hasilnya mantap kan? penuh detail dan teksture
Akhirnya bisa juga ISO 100! hasilnya mantap kan? penuh detail dan teksture. Sehingga lebih hidup dan detail.
ini nih bukti otentik
ini nih bukti otentik bahwa mukjizat itu nyata! bisa ISO 100 men!

Hasilnya tak ku kira tak kusangka! Nexus 4 berhasil memakai ISO 100! Hasilnyapun tajam. #tesss… Mau nangis melihat pencapaian HP ini. Seandainya rentang ISO kamera ini bisa 100-800 maka sempurna sudah kamera HP ini (selama objeknya tidak bergerak). Dalam foto ini saya tidak memakai mode HDR dan sama sekali tidak di edit. Picture sizenya pun hanya 3 Mega Pixel. Semoga Google memproduksi Nexus selanjutnya di pabrikan yang mumpuni dalam; membuat produk tahan banting, kamera yang tajam dan, suaranya yang jernih membahana yaitu Nokia. #yakaleeee


Author: kraukraukdi

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11 thoughts on “090. ISO 100 dan Nexus 4!”

  1. Great shot of this guy! You nailed the eyes! I always think that is the most important thing, and you got it perfectly. Also, just the lovely detail of the fur, contrasted against that heavy texture of the background. This shot is quite rich in detail and tack sharp. Nice.

  2. Thank you @sylvia. I’ll always remember to focus on the eye of object that reflect emotion. Btw not like SLR, It’s very hard to make my Nexus 4 use ISO 100 (because the phone automatically determine the ISO). I think the camera app is Nexus 4 weakness…

  3. Very nice picture. Great Eye Detail.. When shooting people or pets the focus is always on the closest eye to the camera. I would crop it to get rid of the tire.

    1. Thank’s for the Photo cropping tips! From now on I’ll to crop so the composition can be more focus on the Point of Interest.( In this photo the POI is the eyes of the stray cat.)

  4. The neutral colours don’t fight for attention with the texture so it’s easy to see all the detail. And the eyes are very nicely focused. If I came across this stray cat I would want to take her home. x

    1. Thank you Kerry! I already become fans of your blog “Aspernauts” and follow it! Really love your macro photography. I will saving some money this year to buy a macro lens. Any recommendation of Macro lens for Canon?

      1. I’ll let you in on a secret – I don’t shoot with an SLR with interchangeable lenses. I used to but all that equipment just gets in the way of taking pictures! I use an ‘intelligent’ Canon compact with zoom and macro just a button away from one another. It fits in my pocket! (Shhh – don’t tell anyone!) 😉

  5. When I did use an SLR I got some surprisingly nice results with close-up filters attached to the front of a standard lens – and that’s a much cheaper option than a dedicated macro lens! But you need a steady hand (or a tripod) and it’s quite fiddly. By the time you’ve sorted your lenses out, your subject has flown/blown away!

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